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  • Baseball America's Will Kimmey answers the biggest questions  heading into the College World Series. Most notably for LSU fans, "Does Momentum Matter?"

  • LSU begins its run at two more national titles this week when the men's and women's NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships are held. The Tigers are the prohibitive favorite to win both. It's a GREAT time to be an LSU fan.

  • Trindon Holliday is named the No. 8 Workout Warrior  in the nation on Bruce Feldman's blog.

  • Tiger Stadium is getting a small facelift. More specifically, it's getting new grass which should actually enhance LSU's speed (if that's possible).

    This particular type of Bermuda grass is used because of the tightness of the grass and the way the canopy condenses as it grows in. This is important as the field goes through tremendous physical stress during football season.


    "Our asset here at LSU is speed, and we cut it pretty tight so it's a fast track", Haliburton said.

    The stadium's visiting media room is also being upgraded, and if you've ever been in there, you know it's probably the worst in the SEC. They're also adding more flag poles in the South End Zone, for more championship banners I assume.

  • I never thought I'd say this, but Terry Bowden makes a very good point :

    You can't pay that much money to six different coaches and expect them all to win the SEC West. Can you imagine paying between $2 million and $4 million each to Miles, Saban, Tuberville, Petrino and Nutt knowing that every year one of those guys is going to come in fifth in their division?

    Let me put it this way. If Bear Bryant, the greatest college coach of all time, was the head coach at all six West division teams at the same time today, this is how they would probably end up:

    1. LSU
    2. Alabama
    3. Auburn
    4. Arkansas
    5. Mississippi
    6. Mississippi State.

  • There is a lot going on with LSU players in the NFL (Bradie James, JaMarcus Russell, Chevis Jackson, Ali Highsmith, Ryan Clark, Matt Flynn)

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