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2008 Recruiting - Tight End Matt Branch


Matt Branch
Monroe, LA
Sterlington High School
6'7 240#
4.85 sec 40

Once again, in what we see as a developing theme, there is no senior film of an LSU commitment.  I don't know why that is, but for a lot of the guys who committed early in the process, there is no film after their junior year.  It makes my job a little harder, but I can't complain too much about other people not making my job easy.

Anyway, Matt Branch is a solid player.  Both major sites list him as a 4-star prospect, and I think it's well-deserved.  As a player, he reminds me most of Keith Zinger.  Branch is not overly fast, even for a tight end prospect, and he'll probably end up being primarily a blocking tight end.  In fact, a lot of the message board speculators think that he will be converted to an offensive tackle, but he also has soft hands and a pretty high level of coordination.  

He can make the catch and turn upfield like you want in a tight end.  The only question about him as a receiver is whether he has the speed to get up the field and into position to make a catch.  But once he gets there, he's a really nice target and he can catch the ball.  He definitely does not look out of place moving up field or holding the ball.

I suppose he could bulk up and slide to offensive tackle, where his footwork would not be wasted.  And it's certainly true that Miles likes to move players to the offensive line.  See Hitt, Lyle; Barksdale, Joseph; Blackwell, Will.  He'd have a very long way to go physically if he's still only 240 pounds though.  With a 6'7" frame, you imagine he'd have to gain about 70 pounds, and there's no telling what that would do to his athleticism.

I think he'll at least start out at tight end, and may get playing time sooner rather than later as a blocker.