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Benefits of Signing Up

OK, I know signing up for things is something of a pain in the butt.  However, let me just run down some of the things that signing up gets you here at And The Valley Shook.

First, you're not just signing up for And The Valley Shook.  If you register once with SBNation, it's a quick 2-click process to sign up for any SBNation blog.  SBNation has blogs for every NFL, NBA, and MLB team, 9 SEC teams, many other BCS schools, and several assorted blogs relating to other sports.  You can choose one screen name and quickly participate in any of a number of blogs about any of a number of topics.

Second, and I think this is probably the most attractive feature of SBNation, those who sign up are not limited to simply commenting.  Anyone who joins ATVS can post a "FanPost", the same as Poseur, PurpleReign, or myself would post, except that it appears on the right-hand side column, unless we think it's awesome, in which case it can be promoted to the front page.

Third, there is the nice little "FanShot" feature, in which anyone can quickly post a YouTube, a quote from another website, or a jpeg in seconds just by using the Share on SB Nation feature.  To use this handy little feature, go to the FanShots page and drag the "Share on SBNation" button to your Bookmark toolbar.  Next time you see a YouTube, picture, or a link you want to share with ATVS, you just select it and hit the Share button.  It will be posted in seconds.  The Java script will actually pick out a reasonably appropriate title for the post if you want to be really lazy.  It works particularly well with YouTubes.  

Probably the main reason I switched over from my perch at Blogspot was due to the nice interactive features available here at ATVS.  We're growing slowly, and I think we're big enough now that people can really start using these features effectively.  That will make the site more interesting and more of what I envision for ATVS, which is that of a web site that LSU fans want to visit multiple times per day to see what's new.  But it starts with more members signing up and getting involved.  So if you're hesitant to sign up for one more thing, just keep in mind everything it can get you.