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College World Series Game 2 Open Thread

Following the disappointing loss to UNC in game 1, we have to pick ourselves up off the mat and get ready for game 2 against Rice.  I am forced to admit that I don't know anything at all about Rice.  Except I know one of their infielders was once a member of the Tigers roster, but then transferred out.  Other than that, nada.  

After dispensing with those pleasantries, let me just touch on how much I have fallen in love with the format of the college baseball playoffs.  To win it all, you have to win the following:


  1. A tightly packed 4-team regional that tests your pitching depth.
  2. A best-2-of-3 series against  a good team, testing the top of your pitching rotation.
  3. A spread out 4-team regional that gives you ample time to rest your pitchers, allowing teams to bring back their top pitchers for the last game(s) after using them in the first game(s).  To come through the regional from the winner's bracket, you can conceivably do it using only 2 different starting pitchers.  To do it from the loser's bracket, you probably need 3.
  4. A second best-2-of-3 series for the championship.
First, the dang thing takes forever.  Our post-season started on May 21.  A month later and we still aren't near the finish line.  To win it all, we have to go to the end of June.  That helps bridge the long gap before football season.  It gives me stuff to talk about, and stuff to pay attention to, which is good because I don't like the NBA and I don't like golf.  Without college baseball to keep me busy, I'd have to either work more or [gasp] spend time with my family.

That was a little humor there.  Please don't take it literally.

Without college baseball, this blog in the summer would be an endless string of me talking about recruiting, complaining about the media, or trying to stretch material as far as it will go.  For now, I have stuff to write about just about every day.  Thanks Manieri (and Dean and Clark and Bradford and Coleman and Schimpf and MItchell and Hollander and Landry and LeMahieu and Gibbs and Helenihi and Bertuccini and Martin).

Second, nothing else is like it.  It's unique.  If you paid attention to GeauxTuscaloosa, you may know that one of the things I appreciate is a championship format that is different from the usual.  It keeps things fresh.  It keeps things exciting.  Like having Coke with lemon in it. 

Third, it really is a lot of fun to keep up.  I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this team.  Less than one month ago, I could hardly have named two players on this team.  Now I can talk competently about them, and I know the batting order by heart.  I complain when Manieri doesn't bring in the guy I want from the bullpen. (For what it's worth, I think Coleman has been our best pitcher since I've started watching).  I have had a great time with this team, and I'm looking forward to more.  Even if our season closes tonight or soon thereafter, I am definitely going to do my best to keep up with this team next season, though it will be hard with television not covering them often.

I understand we have Bradford going tonight.  I hope he improves on his 8.00 postseason ERA.