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And We're Still Alive!

Once again, down to its final three outs and facing a three-run deficit, LSU somehow managed to survive to play yet another day. The Tigers scored four in the bottom of the ninth, three coming on a Blake Dean (who else) walk-off double.

It's now on to face the loser of tonight's North Carolina-Fresno State contest. If I had my choice, Fresno would take down the mighty Tar Heels and we'd face them in an elimination game. I don't particularly relish playing UNC at all, but I'd rather only need to beat them once instead of twice to get to the championship series. The Bulldogs have been absolutely on fire, but I'll take my chances on knocking them off twice.

Now, it's off to do something active to get rid of all the adrenaline I have built up from that ninth inning.