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Enjoying the Game

Let's just take a second to take all of this in.  Yesterday's game was a blast.  Last weekend was a blast.  The SEC tourney was a blast, as was the entire ridiculous winning streak.  This has been one of the most enjoyable two months as an LSU fan I've ever had.

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It's been fun because this really is all lagniappe. 

Back when we were still just GeauxTuscaloosa, I wrote a preview for the baseball season.  I kind of obsessed over our youth and set the expectations for success:

I’d expect a lot of the new players to have the same growing pains as last year’s freshmen, while the sophomores should now dramatically improved. While Omaha might be a pipe dream, there is the talent to make it if everything breaks right. The real goal for this team should be making the Super Regionals. That would be a great season, and would be a stepping stone to great things next season. But this team absolutely has no excuse to miss the tournament again. It’s a young team, so expect some inconsistent play, but this should be the most exciting LSU team since the Bertman era. 

I'm feeling pretty good about that prediction.  Just think, this team is extremely young and really should be better next season.  And when your expectations were "Make the Tournament" and even that seemed unlikely two months ago, it's hard to get upset about anything that happens in Omaha.

I don't think the players are just happy to be here.  I think they want to win a title.  I think they believe they will win it.  And while obviously I'd love for there to be another date to put on the Intimidator, I have to admit: I am just happy to be here.  There's absolutely no pressure.

I don't really enjoy LSU football games right now.  I mainly just pace for three hours, feel sick to my stomach, and at the end of it, I am either pissed or I just feel relieved.  In a way, the climb up the mountain is more fun as a fan than staying on top.  The baseball team is currently more fun for me to follow because I enjoy watching the game. i cheer for three hours and at the end, I'm either estatic or I remind myself I'm just happy to be here.  Because I am.

Enjoy the game tomorrow.  Hopefully, we'll have more games to enjoy, but if not, it's been a hell of a fun ride.