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Rain, Rain, Go Away

From Carl Dubois of the Baton Rouge Advocate:

6:46 update: It's raining now too. Georgia coach David Perno just told Skip Bertman he had his team here to watch some baseball, but the Bulldogs are leaving the stadium to go out. Perno said he's tired of having the guys sit around here NOT watching baseball.

It's raining pretty hard right now. Didn't we all just do this last night?

The question now becomes how long of a delay the coaches will endure before realizing they have to change pitchers. Bradford is the pitcher most likely to be able to sit through a delay and come back to pitch. He's been a workhorse for two seasons at LSU -- at times pitching in all three games of a three-game series, including both games of a doubleheader -- but the longer this lasts, the more troublesome it will be for the coaches of both teams.

Why on earth did they not play this game in the afternoon today? How dumb is that? I realize they want primetime and whatnot, but they still would have had it with the Georgia-Stanford game. Now, the winner of this game could be forced to play five games in four days to win the title. The other side of the bracket, not so much. Never underestimate the NCAA.