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End Of This Line, But Not "The End"

Yes, it was a very disappointing loss.  No question about that.  It was a game that we could have won if we'd just had just a little bit... more.  But we didn't have a little bit more.

We got two great performances out of Jared Bradford, whose performance last night was an absolute revelation to me as I'd never seen him pitch nearly that well before, and Louis Coleman, who was lights-out through two innings.  I hope that Coleman is not remembered as the man who gave up the grand slam, because he has been our best pitcher since I started watching.  Plus, he was great last night except for that pitch.

I remember when Ben McDonald, as a freshman, gave up a grand slam to Stanford in the bottom of the 9th to lose a game.  McDonald is a CWS Hall of Fame inductee now, but that grand slam is easily my strongest memory of him.  I hope Coleman comes back and makes some new memories with a team that is probably going to be very very good next year.

This is a team that really came alive towards the end of the season, and with the youth on this team, we should be looking at an improved team next year, as players like LeMahieu, Gibbs, Landry, Ranaud, and others are only going to get better.  Instead of being disappointed in the loss, maybe we should just be happy for what they gave us, which was an thoroughly unexpected and exciting season that we can build on for the future.

Now, Mr. Manieri, get out there and recruit some more studs.  Oh, and get LeMahieu in the weight room.  He looks like he could easily add 20 pounds of muscle and play 3rd and hit a bazillion home runs.