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The Importance of Walks

I hate intentional walks.  I hate them.  You just shouldn't give the other team baserunners.  The number one job of a hitter is to not get out, so why do their job for them?  And there has never been a hitter so dominant, so spectacular, that it is worth letting him on base instead of trying to get him out (except maybe Bonds and Ruth).

And two intentional walks?  TWO?!  In one inning?  Why don't you just drive to my house and shove a sewing needle in my ear. 


It's the pitching strategy equivalent of bunting.  Yes, there are times to bunt, just as there are times to intentionally walk.  But those times are rare.

And last night just shows how horribly it can all backfire. 

A one-out double turned into a bases loaded situation.  I don't know about you, but I'd rather face an offense with one out and one runner on than with the bases loaded.  And it was a crisis entirely of our own making. 

I know the whole idea was to set up a double play.  But the very first pitch was a wild pitch and then there were runners on 2nd and 3rd.  Well done, LSU.  So, Coleman manages to get a strikeout and then we decide to walk another batter?  Are you kidding me?

I believe in the baseball gods.  I believe if you anger the baseball gods, they will punish you.  And if you intentionally load the bases, the baseball gods get angry.  And they make sure you give up a grand slam.  Because you know what?

That's what you deserve.

I'm honestly not upset.  It was a great ride and it was a great game.  I think we should have won that game, but we gave it away.  Which is kind of the opposite of this whole postseason, so how can I complain? 

But damn.  I hate intentional walks.  They just piss me off so much.  Baseball is hard.  Why make it harder on yourself?