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Definitely Shifting Gears to Football

The bod of the baseball season is barely cold, and heck we haven't even thrown a funeral for it yet, but my mind is already of football.  The king is dead, long live the king.

The football team, minus Jared Mitchell, is already doing summer training and workouts.  If 7-on-7 hasn't started yet, I am sure it will very soon.  7-on-7 drills are run by the players and/or the strength and conditioning staff.  Coaches cannot be in attendance because it's not a practice (though there's nothing in the rules saying the coaches can't have offices with views of the field).  Players develop timing and chemistry, and work on their technique in a semi-live football format.

It's definitely time to start getting excited about the Fall.  Freshmen have reported.  The true Fall Practice session starts in about 6 weeks.  The games start in a little over 2 months.  Then we get 4 solid months of wall-to-wall football action, with the occasional interruption of basketball.

Of course, full team previews are on the way, along with a breakdown of the team's qualities, position-by-position.