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2008 Recruiting: DE/TE Chase Clement


Chase Clement
Thibodaux, LA
E.D. White High School
6'5" 241#

The first thing everyone says about Chase Clement is that he is the nephew of former LSU great Eric Andolsek*, who was one of the best offensive linemen ever to play for LSU, and died tragically while in the midst of a great NFL career.  Andolsek was also one of the meanest SOBs to ever play the game, and it is reported that his nephew Chase got a bit of Uncle Eric's mean streak.  

The first question people ask is what position Chase will play.  He has the size to play defensive end, but may not be quite athletic enough to excel at it.  He has the will, but you need a burst to play at defensive end.  Only time will tell if he has it.  

His videos show him playing tight end, linebacker, and end.  As an end, he may be sort of like a Chase Pittman, who had a nice two-year career at LSU and was drafted late in the NFL draft in 2007.  As a tight end, he looked comfortable both blocking and catching.  I think he could excel as a blocking tight end, and I think that's where I'd look at him first if I was Les Miles.  There is an immediate need there, and he could be a good one.

He could also be a middle linebacker if he doesn't add much more weight.  

As a defensive end, I think he'd have to wait a while to play.  He needs to add weight without sacrificing speed, and he needs to show he can beat an offensive tackle to the punch. As a tight end, I think he could possibly earn playing time right away, but of course tight ends are never going to be every down players like starting ends are.

My verdict is that Clement is a project, in part because I think he'll start out at defensive end, where he really has a long way to go physically before he can be very helpful.  However, if he starts out at tight end, I will upgrade him to solid player.

*He's also the nephew of former LSU great Ruffin Rodrigue.