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I'm Bored

Wow, now that LSU's athletic season is officially over, I'm bored. I can't fully get into football mode until about the final week of August, so I'm really not sure what to fill the void with. Thank goodness for Richard Pittman and his football previews and recruiting capsules.

There's really very little to write about. Recruiting is slow. There's no news coming out of campus except for the occasional update on the baseball team's major and minor league players, news about someone making a national team and what have you. I can't even find enough stuff for a decent Lagniappe post.

Having worked in athletic departments for the past decade until this year, I don't recall a time when I felt so out from sports as I do right now. I've got Euro 2008, which for some of you doesn't mean anything. But, I'm a soccer fan, so I've thoroughly enjoyed it. I expect the Germans to take out Spain in the final this weekend.

There's the College World Series championship game tonight. Still, that will be over tonight too. Then what? By the way, what about Fresno State's run? I know the team played well over the second half of the regular season, but really? They've won a regional, a super regional, a CWS bracket and their RPI is still 55. That's insane, had they not won the WAC Tournament, they wouldn't even have made the NCAA Tournament.

My fantasy baseball team is working its way up from a disastrous April and is now fifth. Doubt you care about that though. Even that is seeming to take forever.

Hopefully something will happen soon to excite the summer. As long as it's not an LSU version of this.