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It's Hot Out There



This is one of those times I wish I could really fark a picture good and put a blazing hot sun on that logo.  But seriously, nothing illustrates the divide between college football fans more than a mid-afternoon football game in August.

In case you haven't heard, the season opener against Appalachian State has been moved to 4:00pm on Saturday, August 30 to accommodate ESPN broadcasting the game.  People who go to the games are livid.  People who stay home and watch them on TV are thrilled.  I stay home and watch them on TV, primarily because the games, particularly early in the season, are often hot and unpleasant.  Plus, I live 350 miles away from Baton Rouge.

If you're upset with the athletic department for moving the game, just keep in mind that it is almost always better to be on TV than not to be on TV, particularly a nationwide broadcast.  First, it's great for those fans who live far away, like me and a lot of other LSU fans.  Second, it gets your team more exposure nationwide.  If you are a student of the school of thought that says hype is a big factor in recruiting (and I am such a student), get on TV as much as possible.  Heck, getting the 11:30am slot in a regionally televised game is probably better than no TV at all.

I'm interested in other people's take on this, though.  Is this a deal-breaker for anyone?