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2008 Recruiting: OL Thomas Parsons


Thomas Parsons
Spring Branch, Texas
Smithson Valley High School
6'6" 270#

Thomas Parsons is almost the very definition of a project.  He is a big kid with long arms, tremendous athleticism, and a mean streak.  On the high school level, he could do it all.  He was great as a point-of-attack blocker.  He could pull from his tackle spot into the middle and make a hole.  He is quick and fast enough to get out in front of screens and block downfield.  He could get outside and block speed rushers.  

The kid is an offensive tackle who is athletic enough to play defensive end.  He is not intimidated or affected by rushers running up field and trying to take the long way around him.  He was a mauler on the line of scrimmage.  He's the prototypical left tackle.

Rivals and Scout both have him listed as a 3-star, when his athleticism and upside are as high as any offensive lineman's in the country.  Why is he rated so low?  Experience.  He hasn't played that much football.  He's a late bloomer who despite his athleticism didn't play much early in his high school days.  That means he is behind on technique, and it shows.  Some of his highlight reels showcasing his talents frankly look like he's committing penalties.  

This is a kid who, if everything goes right for him, could be making really big money one day.  I don't know if I'm the right one to judge, but he looks every bit as talented as a Joe Thomas or a Jake Long.  He's just really really raw right now.  Like PJ Lonergan, he will probably spend some time sitting and learning to play his position, but if he perseveres, learns, and develops he could be awesome down the line.