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One More Game

Jared Janes has a great piece  in the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate today about the magic of Alex Box Stadium.

With each successive hit off UC Irvine’s  closer by the Tigers in the ninth, LSU fans grew louder and louder while a small contingent of UC Irvine fans looked dumbstruck.

The Box rocked in the ninth inning like it did during the championship years under former LSU coach Skip Bertman, Williams said. That type of atmosphere gives the team a great home field advantage, he said, and it’s what has made The Box one of the most historic stadiums in college baseball.

“The fans feel like they can will the players on,” Williams said, adding he expected to see that type of atmosphere again tonight. “Will them to hits and will them to victory.”

Watching the game, that's exactly what seemed to happen on Sunday. There was no way LSU should have won that game. The team appeared to going through the motions after UC-Irvine's big fourth inning. The Anteaters pitching was perplexing Tiger batters, who flailed helplessly at offering after offering. However, there was one underlying factor that could not be discounted.

“This old ballpark decided she didn’t want to go away,” Dugas said. “She wanted to play one more ball game.”

So, play one more game they will. A trip to Omaha will be on the line. Would you bet against LSU and Alex Box today? I know I wouldn't.