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LSU is Romping; ATVS is Poorer, Lucky to Be Alive

On the way home from work tonight, a car pulled out in front of me.  Long story short, I ended up rolling my car over onto its roof and then over again onto its tires before it came to rest at the bottom of a deep ditch.  If you were in the Tuscaloosa area and saw an accident on Highway 11 in Cottondale, that was me whose Prizm was off the side of the road.

The car had about 158,000 miles on it and probably isn't worth the cost of replacing the windshield and the tires combined, not to mention fixing whatever happened to the suspension system and hammering out all the dents.

I was alone in the car, and I am relatively unhurt.  It scared me out of my damn mind, though.  Plus, now I don't have a car.

At least the Tigers are putting on a show.

By the way, who knew that Tyler Hoechlin played for the Anteaters.  7th Heaven is an absolutely horrible television show, and I can't say he raised its standards, but how many other teams have a bona fide minor celebrity playing for them?