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July is Upon Us

As of today, the start of LSU's football season is officially less than 2 months away.  Starting very soon, our series on the 2008 recruits will get to the headliners, and then that series will be finished.  We will continue profiling the football team position by position, but after that, what will we do?

Well, July is when things start gearing up for football.  SEC Media Days is July 23 through July 25.  While it is mostly a waste of time for all involved, it officially starts the beginning of football media hype within the SEC.  Pre-season all-conference teams are announced.  Head coaches actually talk to the media about the upcoming season.  It's like the media's kickoff party for the season.

But even before that, much will be going on.  Players are already on campus doing 7-on-7 drills and offseason workouts.  Freshmen are getting accustomed to campus and to the life of a college football player.  

And for the coaches, recruiting is a year-round business.  July 19-23 is a big week for LSU recruiting, as we will be holding our July camps.  It is a place where some athletes will be trying to get the attention of the LSU coaching staff in hopes of getting an offer, and some coaches will be trying to get the attention of the top recruits, hoping to get a commitment.  There will be much more on this as the dates approach.

This is the calm before the storm.  In August, the team officially reports for Fall Camp early in the month, and then preparation for the season commences.