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A Reader Calls the Finebaum Show

I was listening to the Paul Finebam Show yesterday on my way home from work, and a guy called in to talk about discipline issues on the Bama team.  He clearly had read this blog entry where I discussed Saban's odd reputation as a disciplinarian.  He echoed virtually every point I made in that post.  I thought, "People are going to think that's me."  But he never mentioned this blog.

He talked about the trouble Melvin Oliver got into at LSU.  He talked about Saban's embracing Ricky Williams in Miami.  He talked about how Bama fans assumed he was a strict disciplinarian because he's always frowning.  He talked about Saban taking the attitude at LSU that if you stay out of jail and stay academically eligible, you were alright with him.  The caller even agreed with me that that's not a bad attitude to take, as it respects players' rights to live their lives as they see fit within certain parameters.

So, should I be proud that I convinced someone of the rightness of my point, or disappointed that I wasn't credited for my original work?

In other news, rumors are swirling that a young backup offensive lineman may no longer be with the team.  It would be bad news if true, at least for the future of the offensive line, and possibly the present as well if there are any injuries to the unit this year.  More as it develops.  

The Series titled "Big Weekend in Recruiting" continues this afternoon with Part 1 of Part 2.