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Offensive Lineman Jarvis Jones is Off the Team

Coach Les Miles did not reveal exactly what Jarvis did to get himself kicked off the team.  Apparently it was violation of some sort of team rule(s).  Anyway, he is no longer at LSU.

This is a pretty substantial blow for the Tigers.  This is a player we were counting on this year and for the future.  He was going to be the first backup at both offensive tackle positions, and was in line to be the next starter at left tackle, a position which may open up after this year, as Ciron Black could go pro early.

I don't have an idea of who becomes the new primary backup tackle.  Josh Dworaczyk?  Ernest McCoy?  A true freshman?  If there are injuries on the offensive line, this could be an immediate problem.  

Last year, our offensive line stayed healthy.  If it does that again, this won't be such a big issue.