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LSU Leads All in Coaches' Pre-Season All-SEC

In a preliminary to SEC Media Days, which begin tomorrow, the SEC released its Coaches' Pre-Season ALL-SEC squad.  For LSU, we have:

First Team:
OL Herman Johnson
DL Tyson Jackson
LB Darry Beckwith
PK Colt David

Second Team:
TE Richard Dickson
OL Ciron Black
C Brett Helms
WR Demetrius Byrd
DL Ricky Jean-Francois

Third Team:
WR Brandon Lafell
RB Keiland Williams
DL Kirston Pittman
DB Chad Jones
Returner Trindon Holliday

No one had more overall selections than us, and Florida was closest with 10.  Florida had more first team selections with 5, but fewer overall.  We are also tied for the lead in offensive linemen selections with 3.  Florida also has 3, as does Tennessee.  No one beats our 3 on the defensive line, and honestly I think that Charles Alexander should be there as well.

If you want to complain, Ricky Jean-Francois just might be the best overall defensive player in the conference, yet is 2nd team All-SEC at his position.  Cornelius Ingram is a good tight end, and he's much more of a deep threat than Richard Dickson, but that's because Ingram's not really a tight end.  He's just a big wide receiver playing close to the line of scrimmage, and he rarely blocks anyone.  I would put Dickson ahead of him as he is a true tight end who blocks.

The last two names on the list for LSU are kind of puzzling.  Chad Jones may not even be a starter, and Trindon Holliday does not return punts.  Maybe the coaches are saying Chad Jones SHOULD start.

Overall, it's a good selection, even if the whole thing is somewhat meaningless.  There are no glaring omissions that I could find on a cursory glance.  Jones and Holliday aren't the only suspect members of the 3rd team, but at this point you're pretty much looking for any productive player at some of the positions.

It suggests what I've told people all along, however.  There are a LOT of good players on this team this year.  If it weren't for the question mark at quarterback, this team would, or at least should, have been in the discussion for the pre-season national championship favorite.  As it is, I understand that a team with quarterback uncertainty just isn't going to be given that kind of consideration.  But if our quarterbacks can play well consistently, look out.