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One More Month; State of the Blog

Please, just because this is the top post, don't ignore the one below it.  Poseur posted a really insightful post about what ESPN's "Titletown" series means to us.  Be sure to read.

Here we are, one month until football season begins, and I just wanted to give a "where we stand" type post.

  • No one mentioned my Shakespeare reference in the post about Patrick Peterson.  When an amateur writer makes allusions to Shakespeare, he expects to get recognition for it, dammit!
  • In my post where I state that I didn't think Bama would be all that good, and that Ole Miss would be better, I put up a poll asking who would be the better team.  I threw in MSU, and they ended up winning that poll (at least to this point).  That was a big surprise to me, as I think MSU is probably the weakest of the three teams.
  • This afternoon, I start previewing the SEC, with a post on the SEC East.  Tomorrow, the post on the SEC West is scheduled, although now that I think about it, it's probably best not to post anything important on a Friday afternoon.
  • Did I mention that I absolutely love the feature of SBNation that allows me to write something and schedule it to post at another day and time.  This summer, probably half the posts here by me were written days ahead of time.  That will have to change as the season gets going, because all the material will be more immediate, and more news-driven.
  • I recently got into an entirely unnecessary tete a tete (I'm not even going to try to figure out how to get those fancy European characters to come out right) with provocateurs on the Auburn SBNation site.  The guy who runs Track 'Em Tigers is fine, but a couple of his commenters just regurgitate long-dispelled myths and cliches (there's one of those non-used European characters again), and while I know the best thing to do with idiots is to ignore them, sometimes I just can't help myself.
So, to paraphrase 43 different people in the last 200 years, the State of the Blog is Strong, and getting stronger.