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ATVS's Radio Appearance

Thanks to John Lopez and Ted DeLuca for allowing me on their show yesterday.  Here's a link to a QuickTime of Hour 3 of their radio show "Monsters of the Mid-Day" (hee!).

All told, I think I did a pretty decent job considering I've never done radio before.  I've never even called in to a call-in show.  I've always been told I have a face for radio though.  I mean, a voice.  A VOICE for radio.

We talked about the QB situation, about the cornerback situation, about Patrick Peterson, about the defensive line, about Georgia, and about Ole Miss.  Listening to it back again, I probably rambled a little bit.  Hey, this blog is in its infancy.  I'm just glad I didn't stammer like a 5 year old trying to tell a story.

They've said they'd invite me back, and they did an excellent job of talking up the blog. Next time, I will let them talk a little too.