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ATVS Surrenders

I am giving up on handicapping the race to determine the starting LSU quarterback.  At least, I'm giving up for now.  If a starter is ever publicly announced, I'll start again.  Until then, I am out of the QB-judging business.

Why the sudden announcement?  After reporting to you that Andrew Hatch left the Saturday scrimmage with some health-related problem, Monday rolls around and Hatch is at practice while Lee is not.  It boggles the mind.

Speaking of boggling the mind, cgisclair (required daily reading, IMO), suggests that shenanigans are afoot:

Yes, the man with the strange looking hat who goes for it virtually every fourth down is doing it again and is keeping Appalachian State and really the rest of the country out of the loop when it comes to who will be the team’s starting quarterback.


I am not saying that Miles is fabricating some of these things. But it sure as heck seems that way.

He seems to think the mind games are directed towards Appalachian State and/or our future opponents.  I think they're directed straight at me.

Cgisclair also suggests that Lee practiced at least some of the time, and may only have missed that portion watched by the media.  Who can say?

So, no more writing near-daily updates on the QB situation.  It is too twisty-turny and I'm starting to conclude that what happens in one particular day makes nearly no difference and may even be deceptive.  If there's an announcement before the first game, we'll talk about it here.  In the meantime, we focus on other things.