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LSU Will Be Playing at Least 4 Games on CBS This Year, Possibly More

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LSU will once again be well-represented on network national television this year.  At least 4 of our 12 regular season games will be broadcast on CBS, and possibly two others.

The link to the schedule is here.  Thanks to MikeDTiger at TigerForums for giving me the trick on how to see it.  The link is blank, but if you view the Source code (choose Edit - View Source, at least in my browser), you can search for LSU and find where the hidden schedule is.  

Anyway, CBS coverage of the SEC begins in Week 3 with Georgia @ South Carolina.  The first LSU game to be covered will be October 11, LSU @ Florida, which will be a primetime game.  LSU will again be featured each of the next 2 weeks, with afternoon coverage of LSU @ South Carolina on October 18, and Georgia @ LSU on October 25.

CBS has not committed some weeks, and may televise Alabama @ LSU on November 8, and may cover Ole Miss @ LSU on November 22.  

The fourth LSU game that CBS has committed to cover is the special Friday afternoon post-Thanksgiving LSU @ Arkansas game.

No team has more committed CBS games than LSU.  Georgia also has 4 committed games.  Florida and Tennessee have 3 each.  Auburn has 2.