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More Previews

We're trying to set a record here for most posts in a day at ATVS.

Friend of the blog and frequent commentor, LSUJoshua, had the privilege of writing the LSU preview for EDSBS

LSU is crystal clear, as in our two BCS trophies and how it’s obvious by now that Les Miles knows more than you about coaching football. Make excuses or downplay all you want. Simple fact of the matter is that LSU among the tippy top of cfb elite and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, thanks largely to Miles’ ability to out recruit and out coach the rocket scientist you pay a South America defense budget for.

It's appropriately egotistical and triumphant.  And what's wrong with that?  We've won two titles in the past five years, I think a little bit of woofing is in order.  What good are those two crystal trophies if we can't rub people's faces in it every once in awhile?  Know who else has two BCS titles?

That's right.  Nobody.