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Depth Chart Released

Part 2 of Time to Bloviate will wait until tomorrow, as yesterday the LSU coaches released a depth chart, and it's time to talk about it.  Try as I might, I could not find any kind of a graphical rendition of the depth chart except this one at Tigerbait, which is incomplete.

Some notes:

  • As expected, the unofficial depth chart did not name a starting QB.  What's more, Les Miles said he expects all 3 to play.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say that by the end of the season Jordan Jefferson will be getting the 2nd most snaps of all the QBs.  I just don't know who'll be getting the most.
  • Also as expected, Keiland Williams, Charles Scott, and Richard Murphy were named co-starters at running back.
  • Terrance Toliver was named the starter at the 3rd receiver position, which is to say he appears to have won the job as the #3 receiver.  Don't be fooled by the fact that he does not appear on that depth chart as shown.  He's the #3 guy, and he'll play a lot.  That chart shows the #1 and the #2 and shows who is backing up them.
  • Mitch Joseph is listed as the #2 tight end.
  • True Freshman Greg Shaw appears to have won the battle to be the #2 left tackle behind Ciron Black, a position formerly held by Jarvis Jones.  For the 2nd straight year, a true freshman is going to be our backup left tackle.
  • As expected, Patrick Peterson is the backup cornerback behind Jai Eugene, and with the expected rotation there, he could play quite a bit even if he doesn't overtake the starter.
  • Chad Jones is listed as backup safety, but again expect him to stay on the field for most plays.
  • Ryan Baker is the third true freshman to make it to the 2-deep, as he will be the backup weakside linebacker, behind Kelvin Sheppard.
  • Les Miles says he expects a lot of true freshmen to play, especially on special teams.
No big surprises there.  We pretty much knew that Peterson was running with the 2s, and we knew Shaw was in the mix at LT.  We didn't know that Ryan Baker had flown up the depth charts so quickly.  The big "depth chart" news will come when we find out who will be the starting quarterback, but we won't get that until Thursday, and even then it won't be final.