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Gametime Changed, Kickoff at 10 a.m.

It's official, the LSU vs. Appalachian State game has been moved to 10 a.m. on Saturday due to Tropical Storm Gustav.

"Public safety was the overriding concern expressed by all parties when we met with the governor and his staff today," LSU director of athletics Joe Alleva said Friday. "Ten a.m. is obviously not the optimal time for a football game, but when one of the options was to not play the game at all, this is a matter of making the best of an unfortunate situation."

The determination of the whether the game will be televised or not has not been made. It certainly won't be on ESPN because they're not going to preempt College GameDay. My guess is it will still be carried, either on ESPN2 (which would bump another game) or, most likely, ESPNU or ESPN Classic.

As for the decision, I don't mean to be insensitive over hurricanes after Katrina, but, really? This is rediculous. I know preparations and evacuations are at an all time high and every possible precaution is being taken, but come on.

As the projected path shows, the storm isn't expected to make landfall until Tuesday morning. That's a full 2 1/2 days after the game would be over.  Is the six-hour headstart going to change things that much?

I echo Richard Pittman's post earlier this week, which talked about cancelling the game. If we're going to be moving/cancelling games based on hurricanes three or four days away, LSU, Miami, and a host of other schools are going to be changing at least one game a year.

I remember my freshman year at LSU, we had two days of school cancelled because a hurricane was coming straight for us(Georges, I think). It was supposed to hit Sunday night. After barely seeing a rain cloud on Monday, they decided, maybe we should have class on Tuesday. So we did. This feels the exact same way.

Right now, Gustav has a projected path that lands it anywhere from Florida to Texas. Apparently on Saturday night, it won't even be past the western tip of Cuba. There's almost no chance of rain on Saturday, only 30 percent on Sunday and 50 percent on Tuesday, the highest chance of the week.

And we're changing a game time for this?