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LSU 41 - Appalachian State 13: Initial Thoughts

After watching the game live on television, here are my thoughts:

1.  The QB Situation Did Not Make Me Feel Good.  After a nice start, Hatch slowed down and wasn't particularly effective for much of the game.  Lee had some of the best throws and some of the worst throws of the night, including one bad interception and another pass that should have also been intercepted.  Two TD passes to Brandon Lafell eased the pain.

2.  The Punting Situation Must Improve.  Dalfrey had one or two nice punts, but also a couple of terrible punts.  Jasper punted once and did fine.  If Dalfrey wants to keep the job, he has to show that it was just haven't-played-in-a-long-time jitters.

3.  Jordan Jefferson Did Not Get In the Game.  In a surprise, the coaches kept the true freshman on the bench.  One wonders if all the Jefferson talk was a smokescreen and whether they're actually planning to redshirt him.  Maybe they just wanted to keep their options open.  Maybe it was because the other QBs, who they know will have to carry the load, looked so shaky and needed more time.

4.  The Line Play Was Outstanding.  We expected this to be the big strength of the team, and it was.  Both lines greatly outplayed their counterparts on the other side of the ball.  Even guys who don't normally play that much, like Tremaine Johnson, played very well.

5.  Charles Scott Showed Why He Earned the Start.  16 carries for 160 yards and 2 touchdowns puts him on the short list for the And The Valley Shook Offensive Skill Position Player of the Week Award.  No other running back was nearly as effective.

6.  The Defense Played Very Well As a Whole.  Except for one or two coverage breakdowns, which must be corrected, the defense was outstanding all day.  The secondary played well despite its inexperience.  Freshmen Phelon Jones, Patrick Peterson, and Ron Brooks came in and did well.  The Mountaineers had no success when they tried to throw on Peterson.