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2008 Recruiting: WR Tim Molton


Tim Molton
Destrehan High School
Destrehan, LA
6'3" 185#
Lists a 4.45 second 40 time, 36 inch vertical

Tim Molton, a high school teammate of Jordan Jefferson, is the final addition to the 2008 LSU football team.  Molton did not report to campus with the rest of the incoming freshmen, as he stayed in Destrehan trying to get academically qualified.  He has apparently successfully done that, though he still has to get cleared by the NCAA (which sometimes takes a while) before he can practice.  

Molton is kind of typical of this class in that he's a little bit of an unknown quantity.  His videos are poorly edited and poorly shot, like many of the videos we've seen this year.  He was productive in his senior year, catching 49 passes for over 900 yards and 10 touchdowns, and winning the state championship in the process.

From what I can tell looking at his videos, Molton is a big target receiver who either lacks breakaway speed (suggesting his 40 time may be exaggerated) or who hasn't learned to use it yet.  I also do not know if he projects to be a great YAC guy.  He seems, in his almost useless videos, to be a little hesitant in making a move, and if he has the shake to make defenders look foolish, it wasn't captured on video.

He's a guy, therefore, who projects as a possession receiver, which means he will have to get a little bigger, and his route-running will have to be as crisp as a starched Brooks Brothers shirt.  That means he's a project.  He has gone on record as saying he wants and expects to redshirt, which was his destiny anyway considering he missed summer workouts and drills.  

I know that the coaches really liked Molton when they got him in camp, and despite his questionable grade situation, they offered him over some other big names like Laron Byrd and Molton's teammate Damaris Johnson, who went to Miami and Tulsa respectively.

This is a kid who probably has a couple of years to go before he really should expect to contribute, but the Crowton offense needs a lot of receivers, and he will get his chance.