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The OOC Schedule is Wretched

If you believe CFN, which I do, sort of.  CFN has gone through the trouble of ranking all 119 FBS teams.  How do our 3 out of conference FBS opponents rank?

North Texas is #113
Tulane is #103
Troy is leading the pack at #92

Remember, this is out of 119 teams.  To be fair, Troy is usually pretty good, but we happened to catch them in a rebuilding year.  They lose a lot of their best players from last year.

To give a little perspective, CFN ranks Duke, Syracuse, Baylor, and Stanford higher than any of our FBS out of conference opponents.  Now, there's nothing particularly accurate in this.  Do I know who's better between Duke, Baylor, and Troy?  Absolutely not, but CFN claims they know, and who am I to question?

Personally, I like it when we schedule at least one strong out of conference opponent.  I know that for reasons big and small, it couldn't happen this year.  Negotiations with Texas Tech broke down.  Few teams were interested in playing us after the maulings we've given to Virginia Tech and Arizona recently.  And last but not least, we weren't real interested in going on the road this year.

Ultimately, though, none of it matters because all that matters is the SEC championship.