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North Texas vs. LSU: Second Thoughts


Trindon Holliday is turning around to look at Les Miles to say, "I should have been doing this years ago."

I've decided that, because I don't have this game Tivo'd, and I have to watch it through, which does not allow me to easily fast-forward through commercials and play stoppages, I am just not going to watch it again.  Instead I'll give you additional thoughts in bullet form.


  • Redshirt freshman Phelon Jones got a lot of playing time, and looked OK, but it also looked like he is not ready to be an every-down player yet.  He got beat once or twice.  He has a bright future, but he's still a young guy and needs more experience.  This was a nice learning experience for him, but McCray appears to be a better player at this point.
  • Trindon really needs to be returning punts.  There have been some reports that he struggles catching them, but then again, Chad Jones has never looked completely comfortable with it either.  Trindon at least gives us greater explosiveness and the ability to get big returns.
  • Our defensive line is deep and good.  Our ability to keep good players fresh is going to be one of our biggest advantages we have on other teams this year.
  • Chris Mitchell had his best game as a Tiger, catching 4 passes for 50 yards.
  • Brandon Lafell really excels in this offense.  His ability to get open short really helps these receivers.  He has 11 receptions so far this year, and it's clear he's the go-to wideout.
  • While Beckwith's injury is a very bad thing for this team, and for him personally, Jacob Cutrera looks like he's ready to play.  Last year, I thought Cutrera was limited, and that he really didn't have the ability to be anything more than a special teams player and a fill-in, but he's older and more experienced now.  He has looked good when he's gotten in.  Granted, the competition has not been anything to write home, but I'm hopeful that if we are without Beckwith for a while, that Cutrera can fill in adequately.
  • I worry about our speed at the safety position.  I'm not sure Coleman and Taylor are fast enough to hang with the better receivers in the league.
  • The punting was much improved this game, as Dalfrey hit one 46 yards when he had the room to boom it, and dropped two more inside the 20 when he had to pooch it.  Let's hope that can continue on the road next week, as Auburn's punting is quite good and we do not want to have any places on the field where we have inferior personnel. 

And here's an animated drive chart for your viewing pleasure:

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