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Meet the New ATVS Writer


Everyone say hello to Crip*Team KATT.  He's a new addition to the writing staff here at And The Valley Shook.  He is a member of Team KATT which is a tailgating group that spends a lot of time on campus around game time.  He'll be bringing you a feel of what it's like to be on campus during the game.

He, like myself, is also recently a father of a budding Tiger fan (though Mrs. ATVS might have a thing or two to say about Little Miss ATVS's future fandom).

When I was calling around to my friends asking for someone who would be good at giving my readers an understanding of the campus atmosphere, the first name I heard was Crip's.  He is a regular over at Tiger Forums, one of the primary LSU sports message boards, and a place I don't mind plugging one bit.  He does a lot of great work for them.  He has been one of their most valued posters for quite some time and we're happy to have him providing his insight over here.

Like the rest of our writers (meaning, Poseur and Purple Reign) he has the green light to write about whatever he wants, so long as it stays away from politics and religion and sticks at least mostly to college sports, which are the basic rules of the blog in any respect.  Other than that, he has total creative freedom, which is how we roll here.  I am the manager, but the discourse is intended to be free-wheeling where anyone's opinion (respectfully (non-abusively) given) is welcome, even if it disagrees with my own, another writer, or the conventional wisdom.