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Ooh, ooh that smell

Can't you smell that smell?
Ooh, ooh that smell
The smell of tailgating surrounds you.

Yes there is truly nothing like the smell of LSU tailgating in the morning. It’s the smell of victory, it’s the smell of last nights date, and it’s the smell of beer, of bbq, of fried stuff and the smell of friendships.

I guess for the first write up a little back story is in order. I have been a member of Team KATT since 1998. And we have been holding down the same patch of grass on the parade grounds since then. We have gone through some pains and growth but last year we celebrated our 10 year old birthday in grand style. We are basically just your average tailgating crew made up of friends, family, co workers, and recently forum brothers and sisters. But we are a little more we don’t just pack up after the season is over until the next year. We play softball together; we hang out, attend birthday party and basically have a good time all year long!!!!!!!!!!

We are easy to find on the parade grounds, just walk to the student union steps and look to your right out over the parade grounds we will be the crew beating the crap out of the Opposing mascot piñata. And if you can’t see that well just use your ears and listen for the sound of over sized holy board washers slamming against carpet covered can’t miss us....and you shouldn’t!

We are always open for anyone to stop by a hang out. Last year we opened our doors to the posters at Tigerforums and for the first time since I joined that site, back in 2003, they held their first ever meet and greet. It was such a fun time that when we started tailgating this year we realized that 3 people forgot to leave! There is always on open invite to anyone that is traveling from out of state no matter if they be LSU or foe, so that they can have a place to experience tailgating for what it truly is.

Not to pimp ourselves out but we also broadcast live from the parade ground usually around 10am. We have our own Podcast called the Geaux Show, if you really want to get the feel of being there, just check us and turn up the

Like Rich said my wife and I are expecting a little Katter due to arrive Oct 3rd (The bye week man am I good) (We had her baby shower out at the North Texas game it was pretty cool) This will be my first but I already have 2 lovely daughters that along with their mom I am trying to convert the Aggie out of them. And along with them a few other KATT members have lil ones of their own, so we are slowly becoming a family affair but we have not lose one bit of wildness as the Youtube videos show!

That’s a little about us, I hope that I am able to provide the people that are far and away with the feel, taste and smell of tailgating. I know what it means to be away from this place. I was stationed in Texas for 3 years and I died a little each football season knowing I wasn’t going to be there! So hopeful I can bring you the fix y'all need!!!

I am here to server y'all so please let know what aspects y'all would like me to touch on each week as soon as I get off of these crutches I will be able to walk around a bit more and take more diverse pictures but for right now you will have to do with pictures of us! And if any of y'all ever make it in for a game you better stop on by Team KATT and ask for Crip, I'll be the drunk guy!