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Last Thoughts Before Game Day

Well, it’s here. 

I’ll be honest.  I hate the LSU-Auburn game.  I don’t enjoy one second of it.  It’s too close, it’s too tense, it’s too big of a game, and I hate Auburn too much.  I just sit and worry for three hours.  Then I either feel relieved or I break things.  Usually an Aubbie’s arm or something.

About 24 hours from now, LSU’s season will have a totally different feel.  We’ll either be the front runner for the SEC West title with a shot at a national title or we’ll be a team with almost no shot at winning a thing.  It’s all or nothing.  In just one game. 

So how is the game going to play out?  Well, we have a policy at ATVS not to make predictions.  These teams are ridiculously evenly matched, and if they played 100 times, each team would probably win about 50 times. 

The strange thing is that not only the teams of similar quality, they are similar teams.  Both have terrific lines on both offense and defense.  Both have a deep stable of running backs.  Both have, shall we say, questionable quarterback play.  Both teams have defenses that are far ahead of the offenses right now.  All signs point to a low-scoring, close game.

Which of course means we should expect a high-flying blowout.  I might actually enjoy that as long as the right team is doing the blowing out.