The USC Double Standard

I submitted this to Stewart Mandel's College Football Mailbag this week.


Last year after week two of the season, LSU had just pounded top 10 VA Tech at home and Miss St on the road.  The following week all I heard was how impressive LSU was, yet the pollsters refused to move LSU ahead of #1 USC because "We needed to give USC a chance to prove themselves".

This year, USC pounds an unranked Virginia team and all of a sudden we know enough about USC to move them into the #1 spot, ahead of UGA who, according to last year's rules, hasn't had a chance to prove themselves yet.  I understand injuries could be playing a factor into this, but why not wait to see how UGA's injuries will affect them?  And, why the double standard for USC?


We'll see if he answers it.

I'm not defending UGA, nor do I care about the polls at this point in the season.  I just want to point out the blatent USC bias in the polls.  Heck even Kyle himself dropped UGA two spots.  I just can't understand what you could have possibly learned after one or two games this year, that you didn't learn last year.