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Geaux Tigers: What We Learned

Beating Auburn on the road is a monster vicrtory. But the biggest thing that came out of Saturday's game is a starting quarterback.

1) Sorry to Andrew Hatch, but this derby is over and Jarret Lee is the man from here forward. I appreciate all Hatch's hard work and everything else, but it was clear in the first and second quarter tonight that he doesn't have the arm to play in the SEC. 

Thankfully we have a clear-cut No. 1 now and can hopefully start working Jordan Jefferson in on "Tebow Packages" because I think that would be a great mix up for opposing defenses to prepare for.

2) We need Darry Beckwith. The defense played well, but Beckwith is a huge step up at middle linebacker and we need him back. On the plus side, LSU still won without him. However, we still have to play Georgia, Alabama and Florida.

3) Charles Scott is the real deal. I admit I was wrong. I've been touting Keiland Williams ever since I can remember, but Scott is a freaking stud. If Auburn didn't stop him at the line, he got at least 8 yards. He is a good football player.

4) Les Miles can coach. He was down 14-3 at the half and down to his freshman quarterback. I was about to shoot him when Lee dropped back to pass on the final TD play, and of course I was wrong again. Long live The Hat.

5) LSU has won six straight against top 10 teams. Um, that's good. Four of those are on the road. Wow.