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Scott for Heisman!


(AP Photo/Butch Dill) -

This is Charles Scott.  Unless you're an LSU fan or an Auburn defensive player, chances are, you don't know who he is.  Which is totally cool.  We were supposed to do this whole running back by committee thing this year, so I know most of you didn't bother to learn the difference between each of the LSU backs.

Well, this just in.  Charles Scott is The Man.  Without Scott, nothing works.  He was ripping off runs of 10 yards almost every time he touched the ball.  Once he hit the hole, Scott almost went looking for contact.  He is a simply punishing runner.  Take a look at his stats after three games:

44 carries, 394 yards, 4 TD, 8.95 yards/attempt

8.95 yards per attempt is ridiculous.  And he's not doing it by busting a few big runs to pad the average.  He's routinely getting five or six yards a touch.  He's a force of nature out there. 

OK, it's early, but compare him to the Heisman running back front-runners. 

Ringer Michigan St 699 4.89 174.75 11
Moreno Georgia 455 6.59 113.75 9
Hill Wisconsin 379 5.41 126.33 4
Scott LSU 394 8.95 131.33 4

Sure, Ringer's got tons more yards, but he's also getting 30 carries a game.  Scott's averaging just short of twice as much as Ringer per carry.  He's averaging more than 20 yards per game more than Moreno.  His numbers just crush Hill's in every way. 

So how come Scott isn't even getting mentioned as a Hesiman candidate?  His resume right now is as good as anyone's.  And I assure you, his performance was not a fluke.  LSU has not had a legit Heisman contender since I can remember.  It's time for the pundit class to wake up. 

Scott is really, really good.  And if he keeps up at this pace, he should at least get an invite to the downtown Athletic Club.  Memo to LSU's PR department: get off your butts and hype this guy.  Because someone has to, I'm starting the bandwagon here:

Scott for Heisman!