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Looking Ahead (Kind of)

I haven’t written word one about the Mississippi State game for two reasons:

ONE.  I’m not going to see the game.  I’m going to Austin City Limits this weekend.  I’ll tape the game but I won’t get to see it until I know the outcome, so it’s hard to get jacked up about a game I won’t see.

TWO. We own Mississippi State. 

This isn’t a We Rule And They Suck post.  We owned Mississippi State when they were the better team.  Even Curly Hallman beat MSU.  I don’t get it.  We have some sort of voodoo hex over them.  LSU’s won eight straight over MSU.  LSU’s won 15 of the last 16 games.  And the last seven games have been absolute blowouts.  The 31-13 win in 2002 was the close one.  The second closest game was 37-7 in 2005. 

It’s just not interesting. 

Hell, their one win in the last 16 years was on a controversial call.  Here’s the thing.  The call didn’t even bother me.  My reaction was “Hey, let them have one.”  That’s a bad sign for a rivalry.  If that had been Bama, even if it was Ole Miss, I’d be angry.  But I wasn’t. 

So we have another game against Mississippi State.  I’m hoping they give us a game, but not too good of a game.  Then again, I won’t be watching.