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GameDay: Mississippi State @ LSU

Today is an interesting day in the Pittman household.  In Tuscaloosa today, all the museums have free admission.  This means that the house will be hitting the museums.  Here is the list of museums the house in interested in seeing, and who is interested in seeing them:

Me:  Alabama Museum of Natural History
Mrs. ATVS:  Westerveldt Warner Museum of Art
Little Miss ATVS:  Children's Hands-On Museum

We figure we have time to see two different museums before we need to get back to watch football, unless we're willing to miss a little bit of the Florida game, which is entirely possible.  Who will not get to go to the museum made especially for him/her?  Tune in tomorrow to find out.

Anyway, what's the schedule for the day:

Now - Museum Time:  Twiddle my thumbs, maybe take a shower or something.

Museum Time - 11:30am:  the Museum of Natural History, the Westerveldt Museum, and/or Children's Hands-On Museum.  Honestly, I am probably not going to miss this opportunity to take Little Miss ATVS to CHOM.  So, we're probably doing that one.  The other one will be a knock-down drag out fight that will ultimately be won by Mrs. ATVS.

11:30am - 2:30pm:  Ole Miss @ Florida, Raycom

Yes, it will take something like a miracle for Ole Miss to win this one, but did we not learn anything from Oregon State?  I am convinced that Ole Miss has a great game in them somewhere, if they can just find it.  They have a highly talented quarterback and athletic receivers, a good offensive line, and playmakers on the defensive line.  The talent is not "all over the field" at this point, but it's not bad.  If they can play with emotion, then they can play over their heads, and they can catch Florida napping.  I'm not saying it'll happen, but it might, and if it does I want to watch.

2:30pm - 6:00pm:  Tennessee @ Auburn, CBS

The loser is in bad shape.  Both teams appear to be fraying at the edges, and both teams are struggling in implementing a new offense, to the point where fans and commenters are wondering if the endeavour was ever a good idea in the first place.  The loser will have 2 conference losses including one in-division, with a lot of tough games ahead.  The loser of this one essentially has no chance of winning the conference, and the loser will face criticism raining down on it from all quarters.

This game is virtually an "elimination game" for each side's respective offensive coordinators.  The OC that loses this game should probably start polishing up his resume.  The head coach will probably want to at least put out some feelers to some mid-major programs, particularly if it's Phil Fulmer.

6:30pm - 10:00pm:  Mississippi State @ LSU, ESPN2

...with a nod or two towards ESPN where Alabama will be at Georgia.  I'll probably be right here at the computer typing with 3 or 4 of my closest friends whom I have never met while Mrs. ATVS watches ESPN in the living room.

I failed to post the Friday YouTube Collection, because Little Miss ATVS decided that she was fully awake and raring to go at 5:15am Friday morning, leaving me little time to search for YouTubes.  Here's a small collection:

Brandon Lafell Lights Up MSU Safety Zach Smith

SportsCenter Highlights of That Same Game

Not a lot of YouTube to choose from on Mississippi State.