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MSU Tailgate

Well I sit here at my computer at 7:45 this morning instead of on the LSU parade grounds because a choice had to be made.

Last night the wife's contractions started to get stronger but were very erratic. Some would be 30 min apart and others 12 min apart. So we chose to make a choice this morning. While on the way to Walker so I can catch a ride to Tailgating with a friend those contractions started coming closer together.

I looked at my 39 week and 1 day pregant wife and asked, "What do YOU want me to do" as we pull into the parking lot. She looks at me and says, "But if I dont go into labor today your gonna be mad and upset that you didnt go." Most guys can figure out the 5 mintue exchange that took place next.

I was faced with a very tough choice, be there for my wife who might not even go into labor today, OR go tailgating and she will be pregant tommorrow. Then a though popped into my head, I could get brownie points for life!!!

With her first 2 kids the babies biological sperm donors (her term) were not there with her when she went into labor. So for missing one day of tailgating I could do no wrong for the rest of my life!!!

So I made the choice to stay home and have a vitual tailgate in the chatroom over at! I can listen to the Geaux Show live and even call in with a question and I can drink beer and watch football from the comfort of my computer chair.

BUT most importantly I get to be there for the woman I love with all my heart, my soulmate through life and weither or not she goes into labor, I will always be there for her.

See it wasnt a hard choice, I had already made up my mind the night before, but we had the food, and pinata for this week so I had to get it over there anyway.

SO whereever you may be today, lift your favorite drink high into the air and lets drink to life, to Saturdays in the fall and to LSU FOOTBALL!!!!!!