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Around the SEC, Part 2


I haven't decided if I'm going to keep breaking this series up into two parts as the season progresses and more SEC teams are playing each other week-to-week.  It does give me and my limited blogging time a little more opportunity to go in depth on what has happened.  Next week, there are 9 games in the SEC, so expect it to continue at least through week #3.  Anyway, this is the post on the 5th through 9th games played last week in the SEC.

Kentucky 38

Norfolk State 3

Well, what is there to say about this game that hasn't already been said?  Well, nothing's been said about it, and that's about how it should be.

Next week:  Middle Tennessee St. vs. Kentucky.  I expect to have volumes to say about this one.

Alabama 20
Tulane 6

said that if Tulane managed to keep the margin of defeat under 20, that would be a significant achievement.  Mission accomplished.

OK, Bama played a great game in week #1 and everyone gushed.  Then they came out and looked pretty flat against Tulane, mounting only 1 scoring drive on offense the entire game, scoring 2 special teams touchdowns to get their points.  (They missed an extra point, FYI).  The formerly accurate, efficient, careful, and poised John Parker Wilson completed less than 50% of his passes, averaged 3.2 yards per attempt, and was sacked 4 times.  

This game, like the USM vs. Auburn game, the underdog could have won it if they could have played mistake-free, but you pretty rarely win when you give up 2 touchdowns on punts.

That's the Bama team I expected to see this season, one that with all the young players and the talent deficit among its veterans would have a tough time getting out of its own way.

Next Week:  Western Kentucky vs. Alabama

Mississippi State 34
Southeastern Louisiana 10

Mississippi State fell behind 3-0 in this game, but they were ahead comfortably (though not insurmountably) by halftime.  All in all, it was total domination, as MSU outgained SLU by 250 yards.  It is clear that despite the loss to La Tech, MSU is just a lot better than a bad FCS team.  Heck, even Wesley Carroll was reasonably effective.

I really don't have anything to say about this game, but at least MSU showed a pulse.

Next week:  Auburn vs. MSU.

Arkansas 28
Louisiana-Monroe 27

Louisiana-Monroe was winning this game 24-6 at one point, but couldn't keep it together.  They gave up a late touchdown, and then had a chance at a long field goal to win the game, but they did what college kickers usually do when trying a long kick with the game on the line.  They missed.

The Arkansas offense put up a lot of yards in making its comeback, led by Casey Dick's 323 yards passing and Michael Smith's 157 yards rushing.  How'd they almost lose this game again?  They didn't even commit a turnover.  In 70 offensive plays, they got 506 yards for an average of 7.2 yards per play.  And outside of a 76 yard play, they really didn't get a ton of big plays to skew the average.

Somehow or another they almost lost this game despite dominating statistically and not losing outrageous yardage on penalties (8 for 44 yards).  Oh well.  It's a mystery.

Next Week: Arkansas vs. Texas.  Yikes.

Florida 26
Miami (FL) 3

I will allow T. Kyle King of Dawgsports take this one:

Speaking of the Saurians, does Tim Tebow not see the cognitive dissonance between being the sort of football player who writes Bible verses on his eyeblack and being the sort of football player who plays for Urban Meyer? Can the Gator Golden Child quote me chapter and verse on the part where Jesus said, "Blessed are they who leave their starters in during the final minute of the fourth quarter so they can run it up, for they shall inherit the earth"? Who knew that Florida would one day hire a coach that made us long for the graciousness and dignity of the Steve Spurrier era?

Next Week: Florida is idle.