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Miles Is Crazy Like A Fox

Over at our DawgSports, T Kyle lets 'er rip into Les Miles, going on a lengthy comparison of Miles to former insane head coach of Clemson, Danny Ford (I'm not sure if he's formerly insane but am positive he is the former coach).

It's a good read, and y'all should go check it out. 

Let me add that I don't believe for a second Miles is a dumb coach.  I think he has a tendancy to say crazy things which ultimately fire up the fan base (Let 'Er Rip!; Damn Strong Football Team!; Fucking Alabama!), but I don't think that's stupidity.  and after Saban, I'm actually happy to have a guy who isn't slick with the media. 

But Miles is an astute game manager.  None of his "crazy" calls have been all that crazy.  He takes calculated gambles which actually play the percentages but go against conventional wisdom.  I've wasted too much time defending the Auburn call, but how come Mike LEach isn't subjected to the same "he's lucky and stupid" rants for his last second playcall against Texas which, by the way, was far riskier since the route didn't take Crabtree to the end zone. 

Keep underestimating The Hat.