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LSU @ Ole Miss, 3:00pm

If LSU wants to compete for conference titles, this is a game we need to win. Ole Miss is without two of their best players, Chris Warren and Eniel Polynice. Chris Warren was one of the very best players in the conference before his injury.

They lack interior size, so can't really take advantage of our weaknesses there. They lack a second scoring threat after David Huertas, a big guard averaging almost 20 points per game.

They're not a terrible team, but they are not very good right now, at 10-6 on the season. It's one of those road games we should be able to win if we're as good as we think. That's not saying we have it in the bag. We don't, but if we lose it, it's probably because we're not as good as we think.

This is your open thread for the game if you want it.