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Quick Arkansas Preview and Game Thread

Life prevents me from making a really good preview of this game. Suffice it to say that Arkansas is not a great team, but they're probably better than their 1-4 SEC record would indicate. Loosely, they tend to rise and fall based on how many turnovers they commit and how well their big man, 6'9" 240# Michael Washington. He's the sort of kid who is going to give LSU fits inside if he's playing his best and staying out of foul trouble. Unfortunately, LSU doesn't seem to do a very good job of putting a lot of pressure on opponents' big men on the offensive side of the ball and they don't get in foul trouble very often.

Watch out for Courtney Fortson, the freshman point guard. He makes spectacular plays and commits costly turnovers. He's one of the more exciting players in the SEC this year, and if both he and Washigton are on their games, Arkansas will be tough to beat.

Keep in mind, tonight will also be the celebration of 100 years of LSU basketball. There will be an alumni game, and the all-century LSU basketball team will be announced. My starting 5:

Chris Jackson
Pete Maravich
Bob Petit
Rudy Macklin

Honorable Mention:

John "Hot Plate" Williams
Don Redden
The Cookie Monster
Ethan Martin
Leonard Mitchell
Randy Livingston (gave us one great year and a taste of what we missed out on)