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Keeping It Simple

Mister "Patrick" Peterson is our best player.  He's only a sophomore, but he's already the guy we look to for big plays and to set the tone.  Maybe Chad Jones is the leader of our defense, but Mister Peterson is the most talented player on the field.  He is already The Man.

A.J. Green is Georgia's best player.  He's the only SEC receiver to average over 100 yards a game, and it's not like Dawgs have been playing chumps.  He also leads the SEC with 25 catches, over six per game.  You don't need me to tell you Green is really, really good. 

Sometimes football is complex.  Schemes have become more and more sophisticated, making analysis more difficult.  That said, sometimes football is a really simple game.  Sometimes it really is lining up yours'n against his'n.  This should be one of those times.

Chavis is going to be tempted to leave Peterson on his side of the field, regardless of where Green lines up.  This would be a mistake.  Green is Georgia's only consistent offensive weapon and Peterson is LSU's best defensive player.  Don't overthink this.  Maybe you bring safety help, but this is graduation day: man to man coverage of Peterson on Green, and may the better man win.  If Green wins the matchup, more power to him.  But I don't want Green to torch LSU's secondary without us throwing our best weapon at him. 

Don't get cute.  Don't become obsessed with a certain scheme.  Green is their best player.  Peterson is our best player.  Let them duke this out.  Let's come out swinging.