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The Poz

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Non-LSU related content, but there is an absolutely mammoth interview of Joe Posnanski at Gelf Magazine's site.  Poz is, quite simply, the best sportswriter in the business not to mention the best sports blogger on the internet.  His output is staggering in both its breadth and its quality.  Honestly, I wish I had a fraction of the guy's talent.

In an age where it seems the only opinions that get heard are from the people who shout the loudest, it's nice to see a guy get tons of plaudits for being thoughtful, respectful of all opinions, and most notably, long.  Not everything has to be boiled down to a one-sentence tweet.  It is possible to hold complex opinions, and better yet, spend the time to explain and defend them. 

Then go buy his new book.  When you're done, buy his old one