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The Third Quarter

For the second straight week, the third quarter was a wasteland for the LSU offense.  I don't know why this team comes out after the half and promptly lays an egg, but it is a huge concern.  Sure, the offense was a little rough in the first half, but it wasn't awful either.  LSU had two drives which stalled around midfield, then had the drive to the 1 yard line resulting in a field goal, and then a chuck-it-downfield drive with 30 seconds left in the half resulting in a pick.  Sure, it wasn't great, but it wasn't awful.

Then came the third quarter.  LSU had seven offensive snaps in the third quarter, and one of those was a punt.  Let's just breakdown how horrific it was:

-- Charles Scott had four rushes for 2, 8, 3, and 5 yards.  No problem with Chuck the Truck except that his 2 yard rush came on 2nd and 18.  Hell, he even rushed for a first down.

-- Jordan Jefferson dropped back to pass twice.  He was sacked both times for an 8 and then 6 yard loss.

-- The period closed with consecutive false starts.

Hey, but at least we bounced back to start the 4th quarter by Jefferson getting sacked again.  LSU completed the drive by completing a screen pass to Scott on 3rd and 22 for 5 yards.  Almost, guys.  Almost.

Jefferson was sacked on three consecutive pass plays.  Scott was at least decent in the third quarter, even gaining a first down.  If you're scoring at home (and we sincerely hope you are), LSU ran 6 plays for a net of 2 yards in the third quarter.  After the first two plays of the fourth quarter, LSU had 8 plays for 0 net yards. 

And two false start penalties. 

I can't even begin to explain it, but one things is clear: you cannot hope to win games in which you essentially give away an entire quarter.  The third quarter was an abomination.  And it's the top reason Florida walked out with a win.