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The BlogPoll Ballot Returns: LSU #11

Hey, I've been submitting these things incognito, let's get your input on it this week:

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Florida
3 Virginia Tech 1
4 Cincinnati 1
5 Iowa 4
6 Texas 3
7 Miami (Florida) 10
8 Boise State
9 Oregon 2
10 Southern Cal 3
11 LSU 5
12 Ohio State 2
13 TCU
14 Nebraska 5
15 Georgia Tech
16 Kansas 2
17 South Carolina 1
18 Wisconsin 2
19 South Florida 6
20 Notre Dame
21 Stanford
22 Auburn 10
23 Missouri 8
24 Penn State
25 Houston
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Mississippi (#22), Boston College (#23).

Taking it by groups of five again:

1 Bama
2 UF
3 VT
4 Cincy
5 Iowa

Bama's convincing win keeps them at #1, but Florida is knocking on the door again.  If you'll notice, I've dropped Texas from the top five because they are still yet to beat a decent team.  It's October.  This is ridiculous.  People are propping up OU right now, which I don't see at all, but at least it's a credible team.  Texas can reclaim it's #3 rank, but for the love of Pete, play someone.  And has anyone noticed the way VT is killing teams all of a sudden? 

6 Texas
7 Miami
8 Boise
9 Oregon
10 USC

A little bit of re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic here.  I couldn't bring myself to drop UT any further than #6, though I seriously considered it.  Miami gets delayed gratification for playing that brutal four game stretch to start the season.  Oregon keeps building the resume and there will come a point I will have to rank them ahead of a team they lost to, Boise, but not quite yet.  USC is still lurking in the background.  Yes, I know they lost to Washington, a team LSU beat, but USC has a better win and ultimately, that's more important.  We focus too much on "Who Did You Lose To?" at the expense of "What Have You Accomplished?"

11 LSU
12 Ohio St
13 TCU
14 Nebraska
15 Georgia Tech

TCU looks shakier and shakier each week, but they keep winning.  LSU and OSU have pretty good resumes and really good losses, so they are still in the hunt right now.  Nebraska and GT actually look pretty similar to LSU and OSU. 

16 Kansas
17 S Carolina
18 Wisconsin
19 USF
20 Notre Dame

The two most unimpressive undefeateds, Kansas and USF, find themselves here.  South Carolina is quietly putting together a nice year and, man, ranking Notre Dame causes me to break out into hives.  But they have earned it.

21 Stanford
22 Auburn
23 Mizzou
24 Penn St
25 Houston

I know, I'm the only person who does not believe in Penn State.  They probably deserve a bump now that I'm ranking Iowa so highly.  Screw it.  this is what you get for playing nobody.  Beat a team and then we'll talk.  Auburn and Houston both have bad losses for different reasons (Auburn for getting killed, Houston for losing to UTEP), but I'm feeling forgiving.  I don't really believe in Mizzou, but they lost in a monsoon to Nebraska.  they get the benefit of the doubt for one more week, and I don't feel I'm keeping out a "must rank" kind of team.  That means you, Oklahoma.