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Things I Worry About: Football Edition

I worry about lots of things.  Some of the things I worry about are actually important.  Some of things I worry about relate to football.  None of the things I worry about are both important and related to football.  Worrying about football is fun.  Worrying about your clients is much less fun, but is motivational.

Anyway, let's talk about the things that worry me, as they relate to LSU football:

1.  Defensive Tackle Depth:  The LSU coaches have made the tactical decision to go through the whole season playing only 4 defensive tackles, with a 5th getting playing time when the game is already decided.  Every other defensive tackle on the roster either moved to defensive end (Lavar Edwards), moved to offensive line (Cordian Hagans), got hurt before the season started (Akiem Hicks), or is redshirting (Chris Davenport).  It is a scary proposition to have such a thin unit at defensive tackle, especially when one of the ones you're using is Charles Alexander, who has never stayed healthy for a whole season.  Except for a midseason injury to Josh Downs, we haven't been burned by this strategy yet, but there's still almost half a regular season to go.

2.  Jordan Jefferson:  The kid is still learning.  I know this is beating a dead horse, but I sure wish it would have been possible to redshirt him last year.  He's a sophomore and he still looks like a little kid with a baby face and gangly features.  I want to bring him home and feed him some red beans and rice.  He'll eventually fill out and physically mature, but I think we are sure going to wish we still had him on the roster in 2012.  That's not a knock against Chris Garrett, who appears to have great promise as a QB.  I just think Jordan Jefferson has the potential to a late bloomer and to become outstanding, but he could do so a little bit too close to the time he graduates for comfort.  As of right now, he is still a work in progress.  He played his best game against Auburn, but it remains to be seen if that is an aberration or a leap forward.

3.  The Injury to Derek Helton:  OK, he wasn't exactly booming 50 yarders with regularity, but he was getting good hang time on punts, and there has been no threat of a big return on us with him punting the ball.  He actually ranks 10th in the league in punting average, but is only 4 yards behind 2nd in the league (Georgia's punter booms it).  Josh Jasper can punt the ball just as far down the field, I am sure, but I would hate to see LSU give up a big return at a key time.

While I have more worries, that's all I really have time for this morning.  I have to leave a little early, and I slept a little late (5:30am).  What worries you?