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Week 5 saw the numbers for quarterbacks decline just a little, but we're still seeing an upward trend relative to last season.  As a reminder, ATVSQBPI is calculated by the following formula (yards passing + yards rushing + 20*touchdowns passing + 20*touchdowns rushing - 30*interceptions)/(passing attempts + rushing attempts).  It is an improved version of the traditional passer rating and gives a result in an easy-to-read yards/touch format.  Without further ado, here are the number for the ATVS Quarterback Productivity Index for Week 5.

Quarterback ATVSQBPI yards/attempt
Ryan Mallett 10.7
Tyson Lee 8.1
Stephen Garcia 7.9
Joe Cox  7.1
Greg McElroy 6.7
Jonathan Crompton 6.5
Chris Todd 6.4
Jevan Snead 6.0
Jordan Jefferson 4.8
Mike Hartline 2.3
Larry Smith 2.1

Analysis and discussion after the jump.

Obviously, Ryan Mallett made a big comeback from last week, when the Crimson Tide put a hurt on him.  He had a great game this week, to lead all SEC quarterbacks with a 10.0 yards per attempt average with 4 touchdown passes.  

And yes, that's Tyson Lee with solid numbers there, against legitimate competition no less.  Too bad his team lost despite his good numbers.

And even more surprising, Jonathan Crompton not only had decent passing numbers, but actually beat Chris Todd, who had been consistently among the top performers in this metric.  

Jevan Snead continues to fail to jump up into the upper echelon of the conference, and Jordan Jefferson had a tough night despite making some good throws.  His 16 rushing attempts, many of them for losses, just killed his ATVSQBPI, along with his interception without a touchdown pass.  

It is becoming a theme that Alabama opponents have a very poor ATVSQBPI, and Mike Hartline continues the trend.

Yeah, it was kind of an up-is-down week around the SEC for quarterbacks.  Tyson Lee was among the best.  Jonathan Crompton was competent, thanks to his receivers making some plays.  Jevan Snead was below average.  And the team that had the biggest win of the week (LSU) had among the lowest ATVSQBPIs.